Small Steps to Sanity is the perfect go to guide for practical advice on achieving peace and purpose in their daily walk with Christ.  Infused with nuggets of wisdom and peace, Dr. Stephanie Jennings has mastered the perfect balance in achieving harmony within the pages of her book. As the reader indulges more into this guide they will close each chapter feeling empowered and strengthened.  This guide is the perfect accessory to any man or woman who desires to be whole and complete. Dr. Stephanie Jennings not only focuses on the physical aspect of one’s life but digs deeper into one’s spiritual and emotional well-being. This guide brings hope to the wounded and healing to the broken.

This manual is breathe of fresh air.  Anyone who is looking to be renewed, restored, and revived should read this book! It will not only change you outlook on life but it will change your inner perspective. The words of Dr. Stephanie Jennings serve as medicine to the heart and food for the soul!   Take an inside sneak peak

Chapter 1

“Discovering God’s plan for your Life”

 You have a Unique Purpose

Imagine a drawer full of silverware. They all share the same common goal, which is to serve as eating utensils. Yet each piece is created distinctively different and has unique purpose toward the common goal .The knife cuts the food into smaller portions making it easier for the foods to be consumed. The fork has the ability to pierce the solid foods that cannot be scooped up. The spoon has the ability to scoop up soft foods that cannot be pierced. The serving spoon can scoop larger amounts than the table spoon or teaspoon. The teaspoon can fit into smallest areas that the serving spoon can’t reach. The butter knife is not as sharp as a steak knife but it can smooth condiments onto food without tearing the food.

The point that each utensil has a unique purpose, but they all work toward the same goal. Each utensil knows its purpose, so there can be no confusion or misleading as to what it has been designed to do. I’ve never seen a knife try to act like a spoon.

God wants to be glorified in the earth through you. Always remember that being different gives opportunity for your uniqueness to shine; so always be you on purpose. Never try to be like someone else. No matter your race, background, challenges or physical conditions, you are the only original of yourself—there is none like you. Even your adversities and extremities are only opportunities for God to be glorified.

Purpose versus Your Problem

Everything you have gone through is only there to strengthen and mold you—to conform you to His image. As you face trials in your life, don’t focus on the problem; focus on the solution. After every trail, there is glory. Jesus was able to endure the cross because He was focused on the joy that was set before Him—purpose (See Hebrews 12:1-3). Only God Himself can tell why PURPOSE sometimes hides behind suffering, pain or a specific challenge.

Apostle Paul had a similar experience and said, God“comfortheth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God” (2 Corinthians 1:4). Therefore, whatever may be your problem, focus on God’s glory, which shall be revealed when you come out of the situation. Remember that the suffering you are presently experiencing cannot be compared to the glory that shall be revealed later on (See Romans 8:18).

Your momentary troubles are achieving an exceedingly greater purpose in you (See 2 Corinthians 4:17). Focus on the lesson that is to be learned so that you don’t repeat the same scenario. What you want to avoid is falling into a cycle of defeat. Understand that with each trial you come through, more of the real you emerges, that is the “you” that God intended! With every experience, there is a lesson to be learned, not just for you but also for someone who will come after you.

Turn your misery into ministry—as Paul did to the church in Corinth. Turn your pain into purpose. Don’t throw in the towel in the midst of the storm. For who would have known if you have come to the Kingdom for such as time as this and for this very purpose.


Remember that your purpose changes with seasons. As you mature and examine each season in your life, you will begin to understand the purpose of every experience, and how all the pieces thereof fit together. You are a masterpiece in the making.

God is working on you; you’re a semi-finished product. So be patient in the hand of the Potter, though it is not easy to get broken (by challenges) and be molded again into another vessel as seemed fit in His view.


Mental Note to Self*

Every life experience has a GOD PURPOSE attached to it, and I was created on purpose for a purpose. My experiences is not who I am, it’s only what I’ve been through. “We are assured and know that {God being a partner in labor} all things work together and are {fitting into plan} for good for those who love God and are called according to {His} design and purpose” Romans 8:28 AMP.

Daily Prayer

Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for creating me in your image and in your likeness. Today I accept and partner with your will for my life. I decree and declare that my identity is no longer in a crisis, and my purpose is not confused. Today, I fall in alignment horizontally and vertically with your will. I embrace your plans, purposes, and promises spoken over my life. I pull down the strongholds of fear, doubt and unbelief. I decree and declare that the eyes of my understanding has been opened; therefore, I now see my pain as purpose, my problems as potential glory moments, and my past as a platform—a stepping stone for advancement.  I embrace the confidence that you have given me according to Philippians 1:6 and I praise you in advance for the victory that awaits me.


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The Revolution

Are you ready for The Revolution?

Join the HYPE Youth Ministry this week August 18-19th as they stand in the front lines of this global revolution.  Starting this Thursday night at 7pm young people near and far are coming together, gathered in one place to seek the face of God, concerning this generation and this nation. With special guest speakers Youth Pastor Enrique Holmes, Sipho Mhalnga, and Junita Francis, this move of God is going to shake up and destroy all powers of the enemy. The Revolution has started and it is here to serve notice to the enemy’s camp that this generation is not lost but it’s rising up in power and authority.

Since the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and violent take it by force! The revolution is starting, the scent of revival is in the air.  No longer will this generation walk behind the shadows of yester-years but they will stand bold in the righteousness of God proclaiming the gospel to all that will hear. The Lord’s ear is open to the cry of his children, this generation will stand in gap seeking justice for all the oppressed and the broken. We will not keep silent, but we will roar, we will roar like a lion until holiness is restored.  We will not be held captive to the enemies that seek to slay, but we will remain vigilant and woke for the spirit of deliverance and breakthrough is at bay.


We’re not waiting for a Revolution, WE ARE THE REVOLUTION!

Say it loud. Stand post. Get ready. Revival is here! We Decree it. We Declare it. Revival is here!

“Youth Pastors, Youth Groups, Parents, Churches. Get your youth here August 18th-19th, The Harvest Tabernacle Church 1450 South Deshon Rd. Lithonia GA, be a part of this move of God and join the Revolution!


For more information and details contact

The Harvest Tabernacle Church



Pretty Chics Summit 2016

The Pretty Chics Summit is back and it’s going to be better than ever!

On last y11162205_910149185683279_5642775152483975080_near Dr. Stephanie Jennings founder of the Pretty Chics Collection ignited a global initiative of women walking in avenues of Prayer, Power, and Prosperity. This movement has infused women from all walks of life to embrace their God given beauty and use it to establish a generation of influential, revolutionary women.

As Dr. Stephanie travels around the globe professing her ground- breaking message of empowerment she has capsulized the essence what a true Pretty Chic is. A Pretty Chic by definition is:11266707_922206974477500_91088459678788107_n

 A woman of substance and of grace. She leads a life of Prayer and Prosperity. She embraces the bond of sisterhood. She is fearless, she is powerful, and she uses her beauty to change the world!

Many women have joined the movement already. Women around the world are embracing the value of sisterhood. Pushing and promoting each other in entrepreneurship, wellness, and education; these women are embarking on journeys of fulfillment. Gracefully asserting their voices within the homes, the work force, and in the body of Christ. Pretty Chics everywhere are transforming lives! They are coming into the realization that their beauty is far more than the lipstick that they wear, or the heels they place on their feet, but their beauty has everything to do with the power they possess  on the inside of them. Pretty Chic’s are not just pretty, but they are Powerful!

-Pretty Chic’s unite and let your beauty Change the world!

 Upcoming this week is the Pretty Chics Summit April 28th-30th

 Nightly Encounters begin at 7:30 pm

 Registration is FREE!

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Flint Michigan Water Crisis

On January 16th 2016 President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency for the city of Flint Michigan. For the past five years the city of Flint Michigan and surrounding areas have been subject to an extreme water crisis. Water within surrounding areas have been heavily polluted by toxic agents causing severe damage to the body’s cell and neurological system.

The download (3)Crisis all started in the in 2011 when the city switched its main water supply from Lake Huron located in Detroit Michigan to the Flint River located in Flint Michigan. Soon after city officials were alerted that the water was greatly contaminated.  Reports of bad tasting, foul smelling water began to occur—these complaints turned into dire health effects causing many to suffer from rashes, hair loss, and  other life threatening  aliments. Nevertheless, officials urged residents that the water was safe to drink despite warnings.

Fast forward three years later the residents of Flint Michigan have not only been infected by the poisonous water supply system but theie water supply has been cut off completely. Many residents have now been forced to live off of packaged water. According to the U.S. Department of Interior and Geological Survey   the average amount of water a person can consume per day ranges between 80-100 gallons of water. (USGS Sciendownload (1)
ce for changing the World, 2016).  These living conditions have caused a great strain on the residents of Flint Michigan.

While reports have shown many organizations and even celebrities donating vast amounts of water to the city, there is still much work to be done!   The Harvest Tabernacle Church is partnering with the Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry organization and Sha’mari Hair Salon, however, we still need your help in sending over 2,000 cases of water to help this city in their time of crisis. Imagine if this was your child or your family having to live in these hazardous conditions. Partner with us and help us reach  hurting humanity.

So I know now that you now may be wondering… “How can I Help?” Well it’s quite simple… Buy water!

download (2) O&A

What we do we need

Cases and or gallons of water

What do I do with water once I purchase

We have a drop off location at 1450 South Deshon… you can drop off between today and Sunday

Partner with our ministry as we partner with local organizations in sending water to Flint Michigan.

Is there anything else I can do?

Absolutely! As a wise man once said “Prayer doesn’t only change a person, it shifts a nation – Dr. Travis C. Jennings.  During this time more than anything the city of Flint Michigan needs our prayers. Pray for the children and the house holds that have been affected.  Pray that God will restore their city and place government officials that will aid and protect the residents of Flint Michigan.

For more information on how you can Partner please visit or call 770.484.7400 for further details.




Ministry Celebration 2016

Ministry Celebration 2016

Coming up:  February 11-12th the Harvest Tabernacle Church will be celebrating 15 years of Prophetic Apostolic Ministry.  Established in 2001 by Apostle Travis and Pastor Stephanie Jennings this ministry has progressed immensely over the past 15 Years. From partnering with local organizations such as Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Program and Shai’Mari  Hair 12670192_1138438649500918_7128083132653345664_n (1)Salon—donating 2000 water bottles for the Flint Michigan Water Crisis, to pouring out thousands of dollars in philanthropic endeavors; this ministry is not only transforming their local community but they’re  making a global impact as well.

On last night day one of the amazing celebration, Bishop William Murphy and Pastor Tasha Cobbs graced the celebration as they set the tone of  great praise and worship for the celebration.  Tonight as the celebration comes to a close, special guest speaker Apostle Patrick Isaac from Montreal Canada will be bringing forth the word of the Lord.  Many have come near and far to celebrate this ministry and to honor it’s Leader’s Apostle Travis and Pastor Jennings for their notable service.

To read more about this ministry or how you can be a guest at one of their encounter please visit

Join the celebration and come out to The Harvest Tabernacle Church service beings at 7:45pm

Refresh, Renew, Revive!

12508932_10204749176243134_7082494781907161881_n On last night, day two of the three day revival, the Sons and Daughters of Harvest gathered together once again to hear one of the their own Minister Daja Jennings—the 16 year old daughter of Apostle Travis and Pastor Stephanie Jennings.  In ministering  prophetic revelation… Minister Daja. Jennings declared “That this is the season where God is going to fill us up again; He is here to Refresh, Renew, and Revive…God is sending Restoration and Revival to our families, our ministries, and our dreams.”

She proclaimed what we thought was dead,  and what we thought was left alone,  forgotten about; God is bringing that dead thing back to life.”

If you missed the opportunity to join us in our Revival.  Do you need a prophetic word from the Lord?  Join us for one our weekly encounters: Sunday  for our 7:30am and 10:30am services and our Midweek encounter Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

Get Ready!  This Year has been declared “The Year of Results”. Get Ready to be Revived, Get Ready to Be Refreshed , Get Ready to be Renewed,  Get Ready to see the hand of God manifest in your life !

What are You Eating ?

The New Year has finally come and many worldwide are drafting up lists of what we like to call “New Year’s Resolutions”. Ever year millions of people make silent vows of turning over a new leaf at the stroke of midnight.  We make resolutions to exercise more, and to spend less. We make resolutions to be more adventurous , to rest and  spend more quality time with family and friends.  However, the months flow by and we look up and it’s March and the resolutions we passionately set at the beginning of the year have gotten lost in the tidal wave of life , and we ask ourselves… what happened?

In this radical new series entitled Destiny’s Diet Apostle Travis C. Jennings breaks down the ‘how to’ on keeping your New Year’s Resolutions.  In providing point by point strategies, Apostle Jennings equips the everyday believer with the basic tools on how to achieve his or her goals for the 2016 year.  He uses the example of dieting and how some of the greatest athletes in the world are not who they are because of talent and or skill—these athletes have mastered strict regimes. These regimes can also be referred to as diet’s. Destiny’s Diet as Apostle Jennings refers to  is a daily application of applying God’s word, fasting, and prayer into one’s everyday life in order to achieve one’s expected results.

This series is a charge to the body of Christ to get back to the foundation and to keep the Lord at the center of one’s life. Apostle Jennings reiterates throughout this series that this diet is crucial to walking into the next level of manifestation. Without a proper regimen set in place many can become prone to falling into the old habits of yesteryear.  Destiny’s Diet is the diet to adhere to if one wants to make major moves for the 2016 year.  As the word of the Lord has already been declared 2016 is the Year of Results“,  and in order  for us to get the results we want we must apply biblical methods to get Godly manifestations!


To listen to the entire series go to and purchase your audio copy!


Putting things Back in Order


“A mountain! A molehill! They could be one in the same. The difference between the two is the power you give each name. For the mountain could be a molehill or the molehill a mountain, your vantage point and perspective determines the mindset and will necessary to conquer ‘em.”

To the ordinary person a mountain is a large mass of elongated ridges that projects above its surroundings and stands significantly higher than hills; and a molehill is a small ridge of dirt, pushed to the surface as moles burrow underground. However, on the contrary, to the extraordinary person a mountain is an opportunity to go higher, stand on top and see the world from another view, and molehills are insignificant matters of earth that could be easily removed with a quick crushing of the feet.

Pondering the case of these words, one couldn’t help but to consider reformation and the seven mountains of influence. Reformation calls for Reformers; reformers are called by God to put things back in the order the way it was originally intended to be. Church! Business! Government! Media! Education! Arts & Entertainment! Family! To the ordinary person, these words could very well be average terms with no depth or requirement for emphasis. However, to the extraordinary individual these terms carry meaning far beyond the everyday verbalisms of modern day society. They are the mountains of influence, each serving as a unique and necessary role for society and the kingdom of God.

As Holy Spirit led, the body of Christ has been awakened and provoked throughout 2015 to penetrate their mountains of influence; and dominate in their fields of expertise. Now 2015 has bowed out and 2016 makes her much anticipated jaunt down the aisle man knows as time. We are shifted from knowing we are Reformers and what we are called to do as such, to accepting and executing in the Reformers Anointing! Apostle Travis Jennings and his local assembly stood at the top of this year and prophetically declared during the Harvest Tabernacle Watch Night Encounter that 2016 is “The Year of Results!”

For greater insight on Reformers Series  and The Mountains of Influence and The Year of Results, visit our online E-store to purchase the Reformers and Watch Night Encounters on Cd or DvD today!